In a quiet valley 230km northeast of Shiraz ,the Bavanat region is a 20km -long walnut forest in a lush valley between the Zagros Mountains in the south and deserts to the north.The main town is Suryan,Aka Bavanat ,but the real destination here is the village of Shah Hamzeh Bazm(or just Bazm)18 km further east.the mountains near Bazm ae home to Khamesh nomads,a confederation of five groups of Arabic ,Turkish and Farsi-speaking people,From about April until October they pitch their tentsin the hills and survive with few of luxuries you might see in the tents of qashqa,i nomads north of Shiraz.Abbas Barzegar himself part khamseh,opens his family home in bazm to visitors and runs one -and two-day tours to stay with the nomads (in summer,of course).he,s a lovely guy,thouh his very basic English is a problem .Alert natively ,you could just hang out in his place (price negotiable).

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