Yazd Souvenirs

Iranian souvenirs to buy in Yazd:


#1 Termeh

If you’re looking for another set of table clothes that look a bit more expensive and can spend a bit more cash, go for Termeh. It is primarily made in Yazd and applied to almost anything that could contain fabric. You could even buy meters of Termeh at the bazaar to take home and come up with your own designs.

I personally think the runners would add a perfect embellishment to your dining table.


#2 Copper

Copper might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love myself some copper and the best places to buy them are in the copper bazaar of Yazd and Kerman.

#3 Ceramic Tiles

Upon your journey around Iran, you’ll encounter a lot of tile work dazzling mosques, bazaars, madrasahs and random structures. If you’re tight on the budget, grabbing a few of these with your favourite patterns could be a great wall decoration for your home.

How much does it cost? 3€ and above.

Where’s the best place to buy? You’ll find them in most cities but Yazd tends to have a lot of places selling them. Make sure you peak into some of the houses in the old district to find some gems.



#1 Yazdi Sweets

Yazd is a heaven for those with a sweet tooth. Yazdi cakes and sweets are everywhere to be found and it would be a pity to leave the city without giving them a try.

#2 Baklava & Ghottab

While baklava is not originally from Iran (I believe it’s mainly an Arab invention), we do have our own kind. Ours tends to be less sweet than those found in Turkey or Arab countries.

#3 Pashmak

Surprise! Surprise! We have our own version of cotton candy as well.  One that is sweeter containing of sesame and sugar and is mostly accompanied by the bitterness of Persian tea.

How much does it cost? It totally depends on the size and the product but they start from 4€ and above.

Where’s the best place to buy?  Haj Khalifeh Rahbar is the best brand known for Yazdi sweets and all other goodies in Yazd. One of their main shops is just around the corner of the famous Amir Chakhmaq sq in Yazd.