25Dec 2018

baghe naranjestan is Shiraz,s smallest garden and is famous at the setting for the opulently decorated.Naranjesta-e Ghavam pavilion,built between 1897 and 1886 ,as part of a complex owned by one of Shiraz,s wealthiest Quajar -era familiest.The pavilion ,s mirrored enterance hall opens onto rooms covered in a breathtaking combination of intricate tiles,inlaid wooden panels and […]

22Dec 2018

Seyyed Mir Ahmad,one of Imam Reza,s 17 brothers,was hunted down and killed by the caliphate on this site in AD 835.His remains are housed at the glittering Aramgah-e-Shah-e cheragh.A mausoleum was first erected over the grave during the 12th century but most of what you see dates from the late-qajar period and the Islamic Republic […]

19Dec 2018

Bagh-e- Nazar and the  octagonal pars meuseum at its centre are other notable zand -era additions.it,s possible to walk around the garden and view the delightfully decorated pavilion where Karim khan recieved foreign dignitaries .the interior is stunning ,eith the stalactic ceiling a particular highlight.exhibits include Karim Khan Zand sswordand indeed,his grave.photography is not allowed […]

08Dec 2018

Famouse for its tall cypress trees,the delightful Bagh-e Eram will impress budding botanists and social anthropologists-the many hidden corners of the gardens are popular with young Shirazis.the gardenes are centred around a pretty pool beside a Qajar-era palace,the kakh – e eram(eram palace),which is not open to the public.the gardens are managed by Shiraz University […]

06Dec 2018

In a quiet valley 230km northeast of Shiraz ,the Bavanat region is a 20km -long walnut forest in a lush valley between the Zagros Mountains in the south and deserts to the north.The main town is Suryan,Aka Bavanat ,but the real destination here is the village of Shah Hamzeh Bazm(or just Bazm)18 km further east.the […]

04Dec 2018

There is a big sightseeing of Kerman state and it,s a etymology  meausium for bath,washiدلو be Friend,pure social speeches,about government ,girls for sweety ,boys for marriage ,women to speak about all the routins ,shopping , answering the private questions,burbury doing ,start to be friend,to start to make a new relationship with the other people.some medical […]

29Nov 2018

After years as one of the most popular traditional restaurants in Iran ,the Hammam-e vakil was closed because the kitchen was damaging his classic old building.shame .In early 2008 it reopend as a modest carpet meausem .but its future remained uncertain .If it is open insome forms,it,s worth popping in for a look at the […]

29Nov 2018

Shiraz ,s ancient trading district is comprised of several bazaars dating from different periods.the finest and most famous is the Bazaar – e -Vakil  ,a cruciform structure commissioned by karim khan as part of his plan to make Shiraz ito a great trading centre.The wide vaulted brick avenue are masterpieces of Zand architecture ,with the […]

27Nov 2018

  Dominating  the city center,the burly Arg -e- karimkhan was built in the early Zand period and formed part of the royal court that karim khan had hoped would develop to rival Esfahan.the exterior is fairly mundane,with high walls punctuated by four 14m- high circular towers.The Southestern tower has  a noticeable lean,having subsided on to […]

27Nov 2018

After being closed for years the lovely Bagh-e Jahan nama was reopened in 2005.It doesn,t have the reputation of Bagh-e- Eram,but if you just want to hang out in the greenery ,don,t want to spend IR30,000 For the privillage and want it tobe within walking distance of your hotel,come on down.

24Nov 2018

Susa was once among the greatest cities of ancient persia.Now it,s pleasantly small,relatively new town with a vast archeological site ,splendid castle,enigmatic Tomb of Daniel and busteling market .Across the square from Hotel Nazar is paradise coffeenet .An important Elamite city from about the middle of the 3rd millennium BC,by the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal,but regained […]

22Nov 2018

definitely worth visiting as part of a trip to Persepolis are these sites .the rock tombs of Naghshe-e Rostam are magnificent .hewn out of cliff high above the ground ,the four tombs are believed to be those of Darius II,Artaxerexes I,Darius I and and Xeraxes I(from left to right as you look at the cliff)although […]

21Nov 2018

while not as popular as Hafez,s tomb,the Aramgah – e sadi and its generous surronding gardenes are appropriate for a man who wrote so extensively about gardens and roses .it,s tranquil place.with the tombstone h0used in an opensided stone colonnade inscribed with various verses from sa,di and supporting a tiled dome.nearby is an underground teahouse […]

21Nov 2018

Iranian have a saying that every home must have two things ;first the Quran ,then hafez .and many would reverse that order.Hafez the poet is an Iranian folk -hero-loved ,reserved and as popular as many a modern pop star.almost every Iranian can quote his work ,bending is to whichever social or political persuasion they subscribe […]

20Nov 2018

  Magnificent Parsepolis  embodies the greatest successes of the ancient Achaemenid Empire.and its final demise.The monumental staircases ,exquisite reliefs and imposing gateways leave you in no doubt how grand this city was and how grand this city was and how totally dominant the empire that built it.Equally,the broken and fallen columns attest that the end […]

15Nov 2018

IN 1615 Imam Gholi Khan,governerof Fars founded the serene Madreseh-ye khan theological  college for about 100 students ,the original building has been extensively damaged by earthquake and only impressive  portal at its interance has survived.watch for the unusual type of stalactite moulding inside the outer arch  and some intricate  mosaic tiling with much use of […]

12Nov 2018

Begun under Cyrus the Great in about 546 BC ,the city of Pasargadae was quickly superseded by Darius I,smagnificient palace at Persepolis.Pasargadae is about 50 km north of Persepolis  and some travellers have questioned   wethered it,s worth the effort of getig there .the site is  not nearly as well preserved as Perspolise ,but is beautiful […]