Old traditional Hotel/House


Iran Top 10 old traditional Hotel/House

1 )Āmeri House ( Kashan )


  • It is so amazing that do exercise in early morning and watch piece of art. It is really nice hotel with perfect services. It is look like staying a night in museum . Listening Iranian music by the Hose and drinking Iranian berry juice, honestly what could be better that ? Come and enjoy
  • Saraye Ameriha is one of the most valuable traditional houses among Kashan’s famous historical houses.  The ancient beginnings of this building site possibly go back before the era of Genghis Khan.  Historical documents also show a connection to the Zand dynasty in the 1700’s, and rebuilding during the Qajar era (1794 – 1925) by the Qajar majesty, Ibrahim-Khalil Khan.
  • Amerian house which is recognized as the majestic table of glory and art of kashan is the biggest Iranian house with 85 rooms in the form of three traditional houses and five courtyards. This house welcomes travelers who go to Kashan.


2) Dad House ( Yazd )


  • An Iranian four star hotel- beautiful premises, very central, clean rooms, comfortable beds, fridge, satellite TV (with English channels) . Choice of two restaurants and a cafe.
  • this house is Situated in the heart of the second ancient city in the world with more than 3000 years history,Dad hotel enjoys a privileged position to main tourist attractions including Zoroastrians’ Fire Temple and Amir Chakhmagh Complex.
    The Hotel contains 61 single, double, and triple rooms including standard, VIP/Executive, and bridal/honeymoon suites all with the touch of traditional Iranian architecture and modern facilities.


3) Bekhradi’s Historical House ( Sombolestan – Isfahan )


  • The Bekhradi’s Historical House was built during the Safavid dynasty (17th century) and it has been registered under the List of National Valued Historical Buildings in Iran. This historical building is the first and only Safavid historical house that has been restored and used in Iran as traditional residence since 2005.
  • The house is located in Sonbolestan, one of the oldest neighborhoods in northeast Isfahan. Sonbolestan, also known as Sonbolan, was part of a series of villages in Isfahan named Sepahan. These villages came to exist in the pre-Islamic era and later on were merged to a large city: Isfahan.
  • The House itself is breathtaking, it is like a piece of history in one the oldest cities in Iran. The service is absolutely wonderful which makes the private peaceful place even more relaxing.


4) Niayesh Boutique Hotel (SHIRAZ )



  • Niayesh Boutique Hotel is located in a historical and cultural region of Shiraz the city of literature, culture and civilization. The history of this property goes farther than 100 years ago when the literature Association of Shiraz was held there and the first publishing house imprinted the first newspaper in Shiraz.
    The traditional style of Iranian architecture and carpentry was respected while building this house, the quaint building to which no vehicle can reach from 150 m around it. For this reason, the atmosphere of non-pollution will be a great remedy for minds and takes us back to years ago.
  • It is an absolutely charming place. Among the many hotels in Iran, Niayesh Hotel has an absolutely unique atmosphere that makes you should stay there. Large rooms with reasonable prices. No doubt why it is recommended by other travelers.



5) Sonati Hotel (Yazd )


  • A beautiful traditional house that used as Hotel and presented as culture and architecture of this region. Located in the historical monuments of this city such as Amir chakhmagh and traditional market .This place has 3 yard,24 rooms,2 restaurants, conference hall, coffee shop and fast food on the roof that is combination of traditional and modern architecture with modern facilities as Sauna and Jacuzzi ,Tv, Internet café, massage therapy – herbal therapy when as you experience the memorable stay at this traditional house, at same time that you can spend time at beautiful yard and sitting on the bed with smell of flower and have beautiful view.


6) Moshir-Al-Mamalek’s Hotel ( Yazd )


  • Moshir-Al-Mamalek’s Hotel is first Iranian garden hotel with 13000 sq. meters space. It belongs to Qajar era. This place is a fine example of the traditional architectural style of Yazd. Beautiful yard with flower and trees that refresh the soul, Beautiful large pool with fountains, Water streams and two Macaws who reside in the court yard in the garden make this place like heaven. Sitting on the traditional beds in garden, having a cold drink is a great idea to get relaxed at the end of the day. Iranian traditional architectures, ceiling, furniture with all the required facilities provide you a memorable and tranquil stay.




7) Malek-o-tojjar Antique Hotel ( Yazd )


This hotel is an ancient mansion once belonged to a guy named Haj Ali Askarshirazi, one of the well known business men whose title “malek al tojjar” was bestowed by Naser al din shah,a king of the Qajar dynasty, due to his trustworthy. His descendants of four generations lived in this house.

A narrow alley enjoying high walls is the entrance. Various rooms of the building have unique characteristics each adorned with paintings on the walls and ceilings by prominent painters from shiraz. The creation of these works lasted some ten years and go together quite well with the paintings of the orangery building in that city.

The beautiful porch,hexagonal vestibule ,winter and summer chambers,terrace,amazing wooden pillars,the eye catching courtyard,the lofty wind catcher,the big pool,the basement corridors connecting different parts and the mirror room have considerably added to the beauty of the building.

Malek-o-Tojjar as the first mud brick hotel world wide,was inaugurated in 1997 and became complete with 23 rooms and 77 beds. Its unique characteristics have changed it into a residential utopia for those who seek comfort and peace. The central courtyard and the base mentare are used as traditional restaurants serving local and international recipes besides a coffee shop.

8) The Manouchehri House ( kashan )


  • Manouchehri House is a historic house in Kashan, Iran, now in use as a hotel. Its primary architecture dates back to the Safavid dynasty. Manouchehri House was partly ruined by the 1778 earthquake and was rebuilt in the Qajar era. In 2007, the house was bought and registered as a heritage monument, despite being in a state of disrepair. After major restoration work, the house became the first boutique hotel in Iran. It was awarded a Lonely Planet Top Choice award in 2012 .



9) Laleh hotel ( Yazd )


  • Laleh hotel (ancient complex of Golshan) belongs to Ghajar (Qajar) period. This building was used to be a residential complex before 1978. The renovation started in 2001 and after 3 years its usage was changed to a traditional hotel.



10) Isfahan Traditional Hotel


  • This hotel is belong  to 80 years ago and is one of the most beautiful houses /hotel in Isfahan.
  • This hotel has totally 16 room which now is changed to 10 double beded room ,5  suites and a royal suites,all rooms are decorated by traditional style and also are equipped to bath,TV, Satellite TV,radio and other  relief supplies.