Shiraz City



Shiraz is mentioned in elamaite .shiraz is a city of sophistication that has been celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture of more than 2000 years .known as the Dar-ol-elm(house of learning), the city of roses and nightingales, city of love and city of gardens. Shiraz has become synonymous of education, poetry and wine.

It was important regional center under the Sassanians . However Shiraz didn’t become the provincial capital until about AD693, following the Arab conquest of Estakhr the last Sassanians capitals. Shiraz remained a provincial capital during the Safavid period. When European traders settled here to export its famous 1044 Shiraz was said to rival Baghdad in importants and grow under the Atabaks of fars in the 12th century when it became an important artistic center.

Nowadays the old city or nearby is where you will spend most of your time.the city center is Shohada square (still widely known as Shahrdari square) within walking distance of most hotels, the bazzar and the major mosque and a the north is the Khoshk river and the north of that; the tomb of Hafez and Sa’adi and the major gardens to the west and north west of town are the smarter residential areas and, on a hill many university buildings. The airport and two major bus terminals are short taxi trips from the center.