Iran Budget Tour (15 Days)


Day 1 : Tehran
Walk through centuries of civilization starting from prehistoric era to the more recent post Islamic period in the Iran Archaeological museum. Later gaze at Ceramics museum with a variety of artwork from different periods. Then visit the historical square of Tehran which known as a major landmark. Take the overnight train to visit Isfahan highlights.

Day 2 : Isfahan
Spend the first day on your own to enjoy its fabulous natural and historical beauties.

Day 3 : Isfahan
Join the tour to get amazed at the famous Imam or Royal Square. Honor the amazing Alighapoo, the picturesque Imam mosque with unique tile work and the elegant Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque. The magnificence of the royal square will keep you motionless, gazing at the beauties of Safavid architecture.

Day 4 : Isfahan
Spend one more day leisure to explore the numerous attractions of Isfahan. Take the overnight bus to Yazd.

Day 5 : Yazd
Walk through narrow turning allies and visit the magnificent entrance of Jame mosque with its tall minarets and amazing ceramic work. Later visit the atmospheric Alexander prison and enjoy the teahouse. Later visit the breath-taking Amirchakhmagh complex with its impressive construction.

Day 6 : Yazd
Enjoy your time hanging around and sightseeing on your own. Take the overnight bus to Kerman.

Days 7 : Kerman
Take the tour of Kerman to visit the amazing 4 porches of Jame mosque. Then take your time to visit GanjaliKhan complex including the impressive sculptures inside the bath.

Day 8 : Kerman
Spend your time on your own to explore the old and the desert-like atmosphere – Take the overnight bus to Shiraz.

Day 9 : Shiraz
Take a tour of some attractions in the cultural capital of Iran – Walk through the main walking street, visit Karimkhan Citadel with tilting brick tower. On your way toward Vakil complex visit the Pars museum. Then you will explore the beauties of Zand architecture including the amazing Vakil mosque and attractive bazaar with tantalizing handicrafts and artwork.

Day 10 : Shiraz
In the morning, visit the most glorious Achaemenian structure, Persepolis which takes you to the most prosperous years of Persian civilization.

Day 11 : Shiraz
Spend the day to explore Shiraz attractions independently. Take the bus to Ahwaz.

Day 12 : Ahvaz
Travel on a bus to Ahvaz.

Day 13 : Ahvaz
Visit Ahvaz and Susa. Take the overnight train to Tehran.

Day 14 : Tehran
Explore the diversity of the capital independently.

Day 15 : Tehran
Last but not the least depart Iran.

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